Moon Modular’s New 569 Sequencer

moon modular 569 sequencer

Moon Modular has released a new sequencer, the 569 Quad Sequential Voltage Source. This one looks really great. They have a PDF on their site detailing some of the devices capabilities and I wrote them asking for a few more. Peter of Moon Modular was kind enough to respond:

Me: How many spaces wide is it (looks like 6)?

Peter: Yes, the M569 is 6 spaces wide.

Me: What is the pulse width of the gates outputted by the device?

Peter: Internal clock has a gate wide of ca. 60/40.

Me: If the rows are advanced with the shift inputs as opposed to the internal clock do the gate outputs to the left still create distinct pulses or are they like the Moog 960 and “on” for the entire time? This is really important because my Q960 (dotcom) will only create gates via the internal clock. If I try and drive the q960 with midi pulses to keep it in synch with my laptop it can’t trigger EGs.

Peter: The gates outs follow the pulse width of the gates in, that means they are “pulsed” and NOT like the 960 sequencers.

Overall this looks like a fantastic unit. I’ve never been 100% happy with my Q960 unit – it’s too reliant on it’s inner clock for many features and takes up a lot of space for its functionality. I will say, the Q960 is the coolest looking module ever with its pulsing lights along the top, but the 569 looks to be better in use.

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