Afternoon Delight! – by Lea

the mandolin used in afternoon delight

That’s right! So Sunday was Jay’s birthday. He was 39 for the second year in a row-not that he is 40 and freaking out or anything- he just thought that he was 39 last year, so this year is kind of a repeat of 39 for him. Anyway… naturally I wanted to get him a great prezzie.

Now hold on a minute….I know what you’re likely thinking that prezzie was due to the title of this blog! That is not what I’m out to discuss here.

Jay has been wanting to learn how to play a mandolin for awhile now. So, I told him I would like to get him a mandolin. Off we went to Action Music and Jay sat down and played every mandolin they had. After what he estimates was about 30-40 minutes in the acoustic guitar room (it may have actually been closer to 3 hours…), he chose his favorite – a 1973 Gibson F2. As we stepped up to the counter to pay for it, the owner of the store told us that there was a story that went along with that particular mandolin. It turns out that Jay’s new instrument was THE actual mandolin that was played on Starland Vocal Band’s big hit from 1976- “Afternoon Delight”! How exciting!!!

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  1. bluegrassphil says:

    it’s a beauty but looks like a Gibson F2 style.

  2. Lea says:

    Hi! Looks like you’re right, it is the F2 style. Sorry about the mistake. We’ll make the correction on the blog entry.

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