2010 New Years Resolutions

Another year, another decade, another set of aspirations for the following 12 months. Jay our guitarist is always reminding us that satisfaction equals results that exceed expectations. So I guess the key to being happy with the resolutions of your, uh, resolutions is to either work your ass off or aim low. :)

Anyway, taking the middle ground here’s what I reasonably expect we can get done in the next 365 days:

  • Get the Subway to Another Life album finished and out the door
  • Start some heavy gigging to support the album
  • Keep blogging on this site more steady
  • Write enough material for the next album.
  • Dramatically improve my piano playing
  • Really lock down the use of my second vocal bridge up to a high C

On the, it’d be nice but I’m not sure it’s gonna happen list is:

  • Record another album or at least a Mesmers EP
  • Do a music video
  • Take a long tour across the Country that ends with me playing a gig at Burning Man

So what about you? Planning to buckle down or go easy on the expectations?

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