New Album Out

Fitzs Subway to Another Life Album Cover Fitzs Subway to Another Life Album Cover

Drum roll please… It’s here. Yes, only a little more than a year from the day we started the new Mesmers CD: Fitz’s Subway to Another Life is available and for sale. Actually, there are two CDs:

  1. The Regular Edition: 10 song and jewel case packaging.
  2. The Limited Edition: 14 songs, nicer Digipack packaging, and we’re only making 200 copies – so get them while they last.

The Regular is $10, the Limited Edition $18, and we’re running a special where if you buy both the price is only $20. You can listen to samples in the little flash player to the right. I hope folks like this one. I’ve put a lot of work into it and think it’s miles better than our first release. Big thanks for all the encouragement and support!

I do believe it’s time for a cigar and a strong drink now…

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