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Globular Bass

Monday, September 7th, 2009 modular bass patch

After much experimenting I’ve come up with this flexible synthbass patch that will find its way on several songs on the new Subway album. This patch works great because it’s got enough character to disinguish itself from a normal electic bass but sits well in the mix without overpowering other instruments. You can thin it out even more to make space in a very busy song by using EQ to remove some of the 250hz frequencies. You’ll find it opens the song up a bit without sacrificing the umph of your low end.

The key is using a 12db (2-pole) low-pass filter instead of the more common 24db variety. The 12db lets you squash the hell out of it to get a great round sound but still lets enough of the highs thru to have some character. This patch was created on a unit, but you can probably get similar results with any unit with a 2-pole 12db low-pass filter.



The Patch

Osc 1: range=32′, wave=pulse wave (width 6)
Osc 2: range=32′, wave=pulse wave (width 6)

Oscillators Mix: 50/50

Filter: frequency=3.5, resonance=0, control (EG1)=+1.25, slope=12db
EG1: A=0, D=4, S=0, R=0

Amp: gain=0, control (EG2)=10
EG2: A=0, D=5, S=10, R=1