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Super 8 Camera

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Canon XL Super 8 Film Camera
Looking to do something interesting for the band in the way of a video I’ve purchased an old Super 8 Film camera on EBay. The guy I work with swears by them and claims they give a great grungy, mysterious look that should suit the Mesmers perfectly. I’ll try it out this weekend and shoot a quick film of the dogs playing in the water.

Anyone out there used one of these before?

Arlington, VA – 05/06/10

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

The “Messmers” CD Release Party

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

The Messmers

I was joking the other day about buying a banner so folks wouldn’t mistake our name. Hmm. I guess I was asking for it. It seems the ad in Metro Weekly bills us as the “Messmers”.

“It sounds like steam escaping!”
- Buddy Bizzare in Blazing Saddles

Alexandria, VA – 05/01/10

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Mesmers at O’ Shaughnessy’s Tonight

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Yes the BIG ALBUM RELEASE SHOW is next Thursday the 6th, but we will be playing a smaller gig TONIGHT at O’ Shaughnessy’s (was Laughing Lizard Lounge) in Old Town Alexandria. We go on at 9:00 p.m.

O’ Shaughnessy’s
1322 King Street
Alexandria, VA, USA 22314
(see map)

This will be Fitz, Jay, & Peter band show and run for 1 1/2 hours. We’ll be playing with Sweet Interface. Come on out for some laid back drinking and playin’.