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The Perfect Gimlet Drink
By Fitz - 3/9/2006

Much of the band's inspiration comes from Jay's ability to mix the perfect gimlet. So what the hell's a gimlet? According to Jay: "It's one of those vintage cocktails you only see old men ordering. A remnant of the lounge era."; and as everyone knows, we Mesmers can do lounge. Many strong gimlets have taken us thru meandering guitar solos, haphazard mixing sessions, and endless jokes that seemed way funny at the time.

We've all tried our hand at making them but only Jay can really get it right. "It's all about the ice. You gotta have enough ice." he states and nothing more. His technique remains a closely guarded Mesmers secret...

What's not a secret is this basic gimlet formula. I pulled this one from a ragged bar book next to the cash register in one of my favorite dives. Momentarily ignoring the wolfish bartender's advances I scrawled down this bit of bartender wisdom:


Mixing instructions: Fill a glass with ice cubes and pour in all the stuff. Stir and add the lime if you like. By the second one you'll be more clever by half.

By Fitz - 3/9/2006 |