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Home Studio = Death of Creativity?
By Fitz - 3/15/2006

Here's an interesting article entitled Home Studios are Killing Music which cautions how the distractions and complexities of a home studio can kill the creative flow in many musicians.

...I have seen home studios wreck a lot of people's careers. For the most part, if you are a performing songwriter that puts a fancy studio in your home, if that does not stop your career dead in its tracks you are the exception and not the rule.

Jay finds the article unconvincing and notes its evidence is purely anecdotal -- many examples to the contrary exist. I'm more persuaded. It tugs at a cord of truth even if only on an intuitive, not empirical, level. I seem to write my best material when I set aside the computer and synth gear for the zen-like simplicity of my bass and voice.

By Fitz - 3/15/2006 |