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Back on Stage
By Fitz - 3/19/2006

When the band takes the stage this Wednesday at 9:00 on the stage of the Wonderland Ballroom in DC (see poster) it will have been 81 days since our last live performance and 209 days since we've performed in a bar.

That's a pretty good pause, but it's not been an idle one. We've gotten most of the Website, Presskit, and promotional material out of the way and have the next album well towards being finished. Yes, it's all been very productive, but we've sorely missed being on stage.

It's a great high getting out to play and the excitement and presence of the event begins well before the show itself. We all meet at Jay's place, gather our gear up, and collectively caravan to the venue. We fight to get unloaded and find parking, wrestle heavy amps while enduring the angry glares of the traffic we're inevitable blocking, and finally, FINALLY, get settled in.

As we wait for the show to begin friends start to trickle in - all smiles and grins and "so go to see you". I'm reminded how my mom had the same grin on her face when I was a little kid doing school plays. We drink, I try not to talk too much, and we wonder who chose the music playing on the sound system and why.

Eventually it begins. I can't speak for my band mates, but for me I step onto a stage... and then I step off it. Somewhere in between I do some talking and singing of which I'm hardly aware. Time and the world withdraws from me and I seem to watch myself perform in lieu of actually doing it. Throughout there's a slow-burning mania, but no real nervousness. We finish the last song and I wonder "It's over? So soon?".

Friends approach with smiles and congratulations, Will holds me in a big hug, and I relax for the first time all day...

We hope you can join us for it -- bad parking and all :).

By Fitz - 3/19/2006 |