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The Mesmers Wonderland Show
By Fitz - 3/23/2006

A fine crowd, surprise friends, a frighteningly fast version of What Do I Get But Nothing, a cool new slide show, and our best performance ever of Sandy Strange. Rich remembered the songs, Fitz forgot the set list, and Jay really, really enjoyed the cocktails. That's probably why he kept on with the monkey grinder business.

Fitz: There was no monkey grinder anywhere in the bar.
Jay: I heard it! Don't friggin' condescend to me! I know a monkey grinder when I hear one!
Rich (whispering to Fitz): How many cocktails has he had?
Fitz (whispering back): I suspect quite a few...

Hmm... maybe when we get to the video footage together it will clear that up.

Anyway, big thanks to all who came out on a school night to see up play at Wonderland last night. It was a great time and we reiterate how much we liked Wonderland itself. It's a cool place with a great laid-back vibe. Special thanks goes to:

By Fitz - 3/23/2006 |