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Sounds for Snakes on a Plane
By Fitz - 4/3/2006

The new film Snakes on a Plane looks exciting for three reasons:

That last part's the real kicker. Of course, there's a contest and, of course, we just heard about it and are scrambling to get a song submitted. I think we've got a good one that I wrote on a trip to Florida last year and when Jay gets done mixing it we'll post a clip for you all to hear.

How cool would it be to have our music in a REALLY bad snake movie? Fingers doubled crossed....

Now, why the HELL is Samuel L. Jackson soiling his knees with this celluloid atrocity? One very plausible explanation comes from the Defamer:

We'd imagine the pitch for the movie went something like this:
Writer: 'It's a movie with Samuel L. Jackson...'
Studio Exec: 'What's it called? What's it about?'
Writer: 'Snakes on a Plane. Snakes on a Plane.'
Studio Exec: 'I like your moxie. Sold.'

Yep, I'd say they're right.

By Fitz - 4/3/2006 |