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Vinyl Atrocities
By Fitz - 4/20/2006

Ah the kitsch an kookery that can be found in old record stores. The disco section alone can be enough for hours and hours of milk-spitting laughter. If you're in the DC area I highly recommend Orpheus Records in Clarendon but if you live a little further out, fear not, the magic of the internet can bring many of these gems right into your home.

disco Noel
Frank's Vinyl Museum (The Internet Home of Weird Records) is a great first stop. Thrill to Polka Disco, Beatle Barkers and so much more. Frank has scoured the bargain bins for some of the worst musical atrocities ever committed by mankind. Disco Noel indeed.

Bad album cover
If Frank's isn't enough for you head to the Museum of Bad Album Covers. The title says it all. What some people imagined would be a good visual to sum up their musical masterpieces is ASTOUNDING!!

bad album cover
Pork Tornado offers "Self-Righteous Indignation Since 1972" and a quick list of the 10 worst album covers of all time with side splitting commentary. Not as extensive as the Museum above, but very, very funny.

By Fitz - 4/20/2006 |