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Venue: The Laughing Lizard Lounge
By The Mesmers - 4/27/2006

The Laughing Lizard Lounge

Again we're being asked by lot of people "what's this place you're playing at like?", so here you are:

The Laughing Lizard Lounge bills itself as "the Hippest Dive in Old Town Alexandria" and that's pretty apropos. Old Town has been hit particularly hard by the Starbucks curse and there are scant places that have escaped "yuppyfication". The lounge has resisted the tide and remains a place where torn jeans and ball caps are welcome and there's nary a latte in sight.

The place is sort of built around the Stage Door Delicatessen Restaurant. The Lizard has two rooms up top, a bar and a pool room, and a performance area downstairs. There is also a side door that opens directly into the performance area for easy loading of gear. Nice!

1324 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: (703) 836-7885
Metro: King Street (Yellow/Blue lines)

In A Nutshell: It probably IS the hippest dive in Old Town.
Crowd: Relaxed 20-40 crowd.
Bottom line: Much like Wonderland the Lizard Lounge is a bit small to be a premier venue for bands but it is a laid-back escape in an increasingly upscale neighborhood. I've had a beer or two there in the past and no doubt will in the future.



Sound System/Lighting:

By The Mesmers - 4/27/2006 |