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Recommendation: T.Rex Born to Boogie
By Fitz - 6/1/2006

New feature here at the Mesmers. Every month we'll pick a product or two to feature. If you like it and buy it thru our Amazon or iTunes links we get a kickback (thanks!). Also ANYTHING thru our Amazon link still gives us a kickback from them, albeit a tad smaller one. So you don't have to buy our picks to help us out. Thanks for your support!

Let's step in the way, way back machine to the year 1972 when the Glam Rock movement was in it's heyday. One musical jewel from that era is the band T.Rex which was really all about their main singer/songwriter Marc Bolan. Hugely popular in the U.K., Marc never made quite the same splash in the States, which is a shame because he deserved to. Most folks over here only know the rock classic "Bang a Gong (Get it On)".

trex born to boogie
T. Rex: Born To Boogie


This 1972 film about Marc is a bizarre and trippy piece directed by Ringo Starr and has numerous guest musicians including Ringo himself and a young Elton John (I'd forgotten how good of a pianist Elton is). It's mostly concert footage but has enough kooky 70s camp to keep it interesting. Very recommended!

By Fitz - 6/1/2006 |