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Mesmergram for June 2006
By Fitz - 6/2/2006

June Mesmergram

Fans, Friends and Soporific Listeners

Our biggest show of the year occurs this month. Out of over 4,000 applicants the Mesmers have been chosen as the OPENING ACT for the 2006 DC Gay Pride Festival. Whew! More than 200,000 people are expected at the festival and we're very excited to be playing for them. Join us Sunday, June 11th for a 25 minute set at 12:00p.m.


2006 DC Gay Pride Festival
Pennsylvania Avenue (between 3rd and 7th streets)
Washington, DC

Sunday June 11th Mesmers go on at 12:00 p.m. for a 25-minute set.

--- CHARITY ---

Don't be dazzled by the drag queen's sequins! Capitol Pride is about more than having a good time. There are a number of charities at the event that deserve your support. For our part, we'll donate 10% of any profits we make from sales for the month of June to the Whitman-Walker Clinic. Just some of the other charities worth considering are:

By Fitz - 6/2/2006 |