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Other Lesser-Known Pride Music Acts
By Fitz - 6/6/2006

We're not going to cover the big name headliners -- you've heard about them before. No, we're going to give you a run down on the smaller musical acts (like us) who are playing Pride this year. Here's a list of them (in order of stage appearance) with links to their Websites and a snippet of their bios:

Odd Girl Out

We're the current state of what happens when you try to marry the angry ass-kicking of punk music to the sweet melodies of pop.

Steff Mahan

Sweet and soulful is the sound of alt-country’s Steff Mahan. With a voice that is pure and powerful and lyrics that are heart-crafted and rock-solid, it’s hard not to get hooked on the emotional truth that comes out of this born songwriter’s mouth.

Celia Kipp & The Last Ditch

One year later in the fall of 2005, Kristen Zow joined the band as the lead guitarist. Zow was also a solo singer/songwriter on the Baltimore scene before joining forces with Celia Kipp & The Last Ditch. We are currently playing mid-sized venues from DC to Boston and rehearsing songs for our forthcoming album "Giving up the Ghost".

By Fitz - 6/6/2006 |