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Funny Freddie's Story
By Fitz - 6/26/2006

We try and record every show so that we can listen back and check our performance. The gig at Freddie's a few weeks ago was no exception. Jay sat his Minidisc recorder on one of the tables and packed it up afterwards. Listening back to it last week we made a hysterical discover.

Apparently a bunch of guys had sat down at that very table, and not noticing the recorder, proceeded to give a running commentary of our entire show! Listening back is FUNNY AS HELL! Particularly great parts include a long debate by them over who in the band might be gay (they decided it was our drummer Peter), and an involved conversation about the shoes worn by characters in the latest X-Men movie (can you tell this was a gay bar). Encouragingly, they seemed to really like our music.

We're gonna post some sound clips of this stuff later in the week. Stay tuned...

By Fitz - 6/26/2006 |