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Song Fight to the Rescue?
By Fitz - 7/14/2006

We've been in a bit of a songwriting rut here in Mesmers-land. We've been trying to finish up the second album and things are kind of limping along. We are writing, and the new stuff isn't awful, it's just..., boring. Like all those old REO Speedwagon songs that didn't make it onto the radio.

JAY: "Here, I got something for you" (Plays guitar for a bit)
FITZ: "Wait a second! Didn't you just re-write 'Purple Haze'?"
JAY: "Yeah, but since you re-wrote a Carpenters tune last night I figured it was okay."
JAY: "I did NOT re-write a Carpenters tune."
JAY: (singing) "Why do birds suddenly appear..."

You get the idea...

Anyway, There's this cool sight called Song Fight! that hands out a song title each week and invites anyone interested to submit a song they've created within that one week. People then vote on which one is the best. There is not prize other than the satisfaction (or shame) of entering. I'm thinking I might try a few entries and see if a shakeup in routine shakes out some better material.

By Fitz - 7/14/2006 |