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New Bio
By Fitz - 7/24/2006

In case you missed it we have a newly penned brag sheet bio for the band:

Fusing the hazy psychedelia of the Doors with the laidback, rhythmic grooves of alternative hip-hop, the Washington, D.C.-based Mesmers are currently leaving Triple A radio programmers throughout the nation in a hypnotic state. The Mesmers produce mood-spinning music with cinematic textures; their songs pulsate with drama and enigmatic hooks, weaving images of black-and-white ghost towns and empty, rain-strewn midnight roads.

According to lead singer and bassist Fits, the Mesmers' goal is "a stark contrast of vintage and modern textures. Film noir meets The Matrix, or maybe, the Ramones playing in the movie Dark City." Incorporating elements of jazz, roots rock, and film-score atmospherics, the Mesmers weave intricate and compelling sonic narratives, a web of mysterious, sometimes funky rhythms that reel in minds as well as hearts.

Just makes you want to buy an armload of our stuff doesn't it?

By Fitz - 7/24/2006 |