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Venue: Freddie's Beach Bar
By Fitz - 8/7/2006

Again we're being asked by lot of people "what's this place you're playing at like?", so here you are:

The original concept for Freddie's was to take the fun and color of Rohobeth beach and bring it to DC. With a relaxed atmosphere and over the top decorating scheme (complete with a stage that looks right out of the old Gong Show) we'd say this effort has been more than successful.

The crowd is a diverse lot that blends gay, straight, lesbian, a wide range of ages, and various ethnicities into an eclectic scene few bars can match.

Freddie's Beach Bar
555 South 23rd Street
Crystal City, VA 22202
Phone: (703) 685-0555
Metro: Crystal City (Yellow/Blue lines) - about 2 blocks from bar

In A Nutshell: A colorful swath of Rohobeth Beach brightening the suburbs of DC.
Crowd: Very diverse. A "tossed salad" of gays, straights, and lesbians ranging in age from 20s-50s and with diverse ethnic backgrounds.
Bottom line: It's stage may be a bit small for larger acts but with it's incredible look and excellent sound system this is a fun place to play. Make sure you bring the band photographer -- in such a setting you and your fans will never look better!



Sound System/Lighting:

By Fitz - 8/7/2006 |