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Chicks will totally get hot and guys will be completely impressed -- or maybe it's just a poster of a robot in a doorway. Either way, you can't lose with a Mesmers' poster.


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Great Review From UK's Whisperin & Hollerin
By Fitz - 9/14/2006

Giving our album 8 out of 10 stars Whisperin & Hollerin has great things to say about our recording:

The Mesmers' ( retro-futuristic album cover - robot shadow enveloped in Pop Art colours of black, green, and orange - does a better job of describing the group's music than the best advert copy.

The Mesmers exist in a Twilight Zone of past and future, haunted by the bar-band melodicism of the Beatles and the theatrical melodrama of the Doors on one side and the progressive, quirky sensibilities of indie rock on the other.

This is a band that could've been much less accessible than they are if their songs weren't focused on toe-tapping hooks. For all of their arty stylings and pretensions, the Mesmers are still a pop group. The '60s British Invasion harmonies on "Come and See" and the upbeat rock and roll of "One With the Sun" and "What Do I Get But Nothing" sound like Top-40 hits from an alternate universe. On "What Do I Get But Nothing," the Mesmers oddly echo the bubblegum punk of the Ramones at less than half the volume.

When the Mesmers break away from the AM radio fixations, they're even more intriguing. The moody, dimly-lit "Empty Nights" has a striking, rain-drenched atmosphere, and "Sandy Strange" is '50s country high on alcohol-drenched tumbleweed.

By Fitz - 9/14/2006 |