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Raves From CDReviews
By Fitz - 9/18/2006

CDReviews has a very favorable review of our first album:

At their noir best, the Mesmers project an image of trench coat-wearing alleyway strangers, faceless weirdoes observing from the dark. On songs like "Take a Number" and "Empty Nights," the Mesmers have a Men In Black aura to them. No, it's nothing sinister; they are not Goth hounds. The Mesmers can be mysterious in a private-eye pulp-fiction sort of way, especially Fitz' vocals, which are hollow and enigmatic. "Take a Number" catches the Mesmers at their peak as Fitz coolly sings over a paperback narrative. One can hear similarities in his voice and stylistic approach to not only Jim Morrison but also Stan Ridgway of Wall of Voodoo.

But the Mesmers are no one-trick pony. For a group just making their debut, the Mesmers exhibit the versatility and creativity of a polished band. "Come and See" electrifies with flame-thrower blues licks that give its boyish harmonies a sharper edge. The first three tracks on the CD have a definite '60s vibe but the record gradually sheds its initially sunny disposition, which hits its highest point on "What Do I Get But Nothing," a Ramones-y day at the beach.

When the Mesmers trim the lights, they take on greater artistic depth. "Neptune City" recalls the nocturnal jangle of vintage R.E.M. and "Dark Rooftop" creeps along like the Doors on a hot L.A. night. These songs, along with the aforementioned "Take a Number" and "Empty Nights," have more texture and sense of adventure. They turn the experience of listening to the Mesmers from a good one to a thrilling and inspiring one.

By Fitz - 9/18/2006 |