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Weird Gear: Nixon Dictator Watch
By Fitz - 10/2/2006

A wristwatch you say? What sort of musical gear is that? Well, the Dictator is no normal watch. It has a built in recording system capable of storing up to 3.5 minutes of sound in eight discrete slots and then playing them back with thru its built-in speakers. It has a great chunky, "Dick Tracy" design that is always an eye catcher. I've gotten a great many comments on it and more than a few people have asked if it was an old watch from the 40's (I'd think the LCDs would clue them in).


The Dictator takes lo-fi to a new Low. Seriously grainy and distorted recordings are pretty much all this thing is capable of. If you want to get your Dictator recordings onto tape or hard drive you'll have to use another mic to record its speaker output as the Dictator has no line out. This, of course, will further degrade the sound.

Here's an example sound:

We'll probably add this device to our mic test to give a better idea of its sound quality.


The watch has 8 slots to hold recordings which can hold a combined total of 3.5 minutes of recording. Beyond that we have no idea what the technical specification of this watch's recording and playback features are.


By Fitz - 10/2/2006 |