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Mesmergram for December 2006
By Fitz - 12/7/2006

December Mesmergram

Attention Exhausted Holiday Revelers

Ah the holidays are upon us! Still bloated from the copious caloric consumption of Thanksgiving we now race towards the Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Ramadan, Winter Solstice, gift frenzy and into the New Years finishing line.

And as if that wasn't enough:


We Mesmers are working hard on mapping out a West coast tour in February. Tour details coming this month!


We we do go on tour it will be with our new and improved electronically enhanced set. Using the wonders of science (more specifically a laptop, Ableton Live, and some soft-synth plugins) we'll be retooling our live show with a new sound and posting some samples on our Website soon.


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Looking for that perfect holiday gift? Okay, so we probably don't have it. But we do have mondo-cool Mesmers CDs and Robot gifts. C'mon, who wouldn't love to get a robot t-shirt or mouse pad? Buy 'em here!

By Fitz - 12/7/2006 |