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Shadows and Accessories
By Fitz - 12/21/2006

MAKEUP ARTIST TO FITZ: "How do you want to look?"

FITZ: Oh natural, but do something about these bags under my eyes. I walked into a hotel last week and the bellhop tried to take them!"


The band's first big studio photo shoot end last night around 12:30 in the morning and was a strong success despite some ill-advised humor. Photographer Gregory Garecki was talented and great to work with as was Clarissa the makeup artist. We highly recommend both if your band needs top-notch photos. Can't wait to get the pictures so we can post them!

I entitled this post "Shadows and Accessories" because that was the focus of the shots. Brooding lighting cradled the band as we wielding our instruments and various retro accouterments. "You have great accessories." Gregory told us thereby validating many EBay purchases that seemed iffy at the time. More goggles! Yes!

Now that days of obsessing over details and logistic for this task have ended we can work on getting those West-coast tour dates pinned down. More details on the tour coming soon...

By Fitz - 12/21/2006 |