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Virtual String Machines
By Fitz - 1/26/2007

Fitz playing a crummar orchestrator

I've been a big fan of string machines for years. That's me from way back plying a Crumar Orchestrator -- and yes, I AM dressed as the Mad Hatter. What can I say, the band was called Hookah and it had an "Alice in Wonderland" theme.

gmedias Virtual String Machine

Anyway, I was really glad to hear that GMedia is releasing the Virtual String Machine plugin. Looks very cool and promises accurate recreations of some of the greatest string synths in history (including my old Orchestrator). And just think, between that and Arturia's Jupiter 8V one should soon be able to computationally recreate the synth sounds of Duran Duran's Rio album.

Sonic Stage has a great video fo GMedia demoing the Virtual String Machine.

By Fitz - 1/26/2007 |