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Artomatic Rock Show
By Fitz - 4/14/2007

It was a bit weird playing in a large office space, especially when they wouldn't turn the overhead florescent lights off. "Kinda like playing a corporate retreat." I Joked. "Stay around after the show folks!" Jay added "We'll be doing trust exercises!"

And so the band played our first live show in, well, it's been a while. Despite not having played with Peter for several months I thought we sounded quite tight. Jay broke a guitar string towards the end which forced him to continue playing with a great deal of, uh, creativity, but all in all it went fine.

Artomatic draws a pretty diverse crowd and it was very interesting to see what types of people in the crowd responded to which types of music. I'm not a big fan of stereotypical grouping of people (being in an oppressed minority myself) but there did appeared to be some observable trends in last night's crowd:

Big thanks the Artomatic, Mac and his sound-guy, and all the folks that came out to see us. We'll be back at Artomatic tonight for our first ever Electronic set.

The building looks like this, the parking in the underground lots is free after 5, and the address is:

2121 Crystal Drive (the old patent building)
Arlington Virginia 22202
Blue/Yellow line Crystal City Metro stop

By Fitz - 4/14/2007 |