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Mesmergram for June 2007
By Fitz - 6/1/2007

june 2007 mesmergram

"In Sleep we lie all naked and alone..."
-- Thomas Wolfe

Howdy all. Lots of stuff brewing here at Mesmerland.


Once again we'll be playing the DC Capitol Pride festival on Sunday June 10th. I think we'll be going on around 3:00 p.m. This will be a bigger show with Peter on Drums David Ylvisaker on keys and we may even have a guest back up vocalist.

We've also been asked to play the Baltimore Pride festival on Sunday June 17th but I haven't been able any more details from them on exactly when. Since we can't pin down a time (and thus a drummer) this will probably be an electronic show with Fitz and Jay.


Our new EP is coming along nicely with two songs pretty much in the can and two others about halfway there. With any luck we'll be having an EP release party in late August. Oh, and we have a name for it: "Electronic Phenomenon". It's a slight contraction of "electronic voice phenomenon" and Lea suggested it after hearing us talk about "EPs"


As always, we do have Mesmers CDs and Robot gifts for sale on our Website. You can grab a bunch here:

By Fitz - 6/1/2007 |