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2007 Gay Pride: Proud To Have Gotten Thru It
By Fitz - 6/11/2007

The Mesmers at 2007 Capitol Pride

Some gigs are smooth sailing on a tranquil, glassy sea (ahhh). Others are frantic struggles not to be drowned by raging white rapids (Wo!! WO!!!). Guess which variety this year's Pride was?

So what went wrong? We'll let's list them off:

Despite the mishaps we actually had a great time, and I think, put on a great show. I firmly believe a band can endure anything onstage as long as they keep their cool and have fun with it all. Just look at David Letterman. He's a master of stage jujitsu who built a career turning every bombed joke, every failed prop, and every guest gaffe into genuinely golden entertainment.

A huge thanks to the Pride committee for having us again this year and an equally large thanks to all of our fans and friends who came down to see us! It was great to see so many familiar faces in the crowd!

The two picture here are from Rob Gutro. Thanks Rob! We'll post another round later in the week so if anyone has some good ones send em our way!

The Mesmers at 2007 Capitol Pride

By Fitz - 6/11/2007 |