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More Music Industry Gloom
By Fitz - 1/10/2008

The bad news keeps rollin'. Here's a comparison of the music sales for the top ten albums of 2000 vs the top ten of 2007. Quite a sharp decline. The author concludes that this is largely due to market fragmentation. He may be correct but I can't help but feel that music quality has to be a factor here as well. I'd love to see a comparison of the top ten selling albums of 2007 with a great year (say 1973) in music. Could a large part of the dip be due to a poor product? I mean, will any of this last year's albums be considered "classics"? Here's the list:

  1. "Noel"/Josh Groban
  2. "Soundtrack"/ High School Musical 2
  3. "Long Road Out of Eden"/Eagles
  4. "As I Am"/Alicia Keys
  5. "Daughtry"/Daughtry
  6. "Soundtrack"/Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley
  7. "Minutes To Midnight"/Linkin Park
  8. "Dutchess"/Fergie
  9. "Taylor Swift"/Taylor Swift
  10. "Graduation"/Kanye West

The second piece is an interview with Trent Reznor who voices his disappointment with the "pay what you think it's worth" model.

So I thought if you take all those away (DRM) and here's the record in as great a quality as you could ever want, it's available now and it's offered for an insulting low price, which I consider $5 to be, I thought that it would appeal to more people than it did. That's where my sense of disappointment is in general, that the idea was wrong in my head and for once I've given people too much credit. -- Trent Reznor

By Fitz - 1/10/2008 |