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Mesmergram for April 2008
By Fitz - 4/13/2008

April 2008 memsergram: a subway blurring by

I would solve a lot of literary problems just thinking about a character in the subway, where you can't do anything anyway.
- Toni Morrison

Hello all. Fitz here with a new Mesmergram. Remember those? A band in DC used to send them out every month and then they slacked off for a while. Or, as I asked the guys over rehearsal last week: "Hey, you guys want to start chipping in and help me NOT update the Website regularly?"

Anyway, we're back in the game and with new shows, new material, and lots of trips on the metro.

What's up with the metro? Well I lost my job about a month ago and so it's been lots of trips into DC via the subway for job interviews. Which is appropriate because the working title for the next album is (drum roll):


Yep. We'll be channeling the shadows and sounds of the stations, the humming and clanking of the trains, the anonymity of the huddled crowds, and the compressed air whooshing thru the tubes into a new recording.

Now I know you're asking: what happened to the last album, Electronic Phenomenon? It's on it's way, I promise. We just have to get the rights to The Model hammered out and then we should be a go.

So check our Website for demos of the new songs, a schedule of new shows or just drop us a line and say hello.

By Fitz - 4/13/2008 |